Welcome to the site dedicated to climbing in Sinai!

The represented information is based on the many years of experience of the famous Israeli climber Andrea Anati. Many thanks to him!

To navigate this site it is recommended that you start from the Interactive schema of climbing areas page containing links to pictures of main climbing walls (with routes). Every route has its own index (i.e. E21), that can also be found in List of climbing routes. Some descriptions of routes can be located by clicking on a route from List or by clicking on index from schemas.

Attention! The information about some routes is not always exhaustive and exact. All verified well-known routes will be marked with a * or with a *** (if a route is highly recommended).

The information here presented does not pretend to describe all climbing possibilities in the area, but will be improved and extended in the future (please visit our news). If you have any questions, remarks, comments or supplements about routes, descriptions, site structure or any other stuff, please contact Sergey Goncharov , or visit our guestbook.


Have a nice climb!